WTF?! OMG! – Wizard101 PvP Bug!

wizard101 bug

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wizard101 bug

Dieses Video sollte eigentlich ein richtiges PvP-Video werden, aber leider ist das System einfach so schlecht geworden, dass sogar ein lvl 100er mit 1660 Rating gegen einen lvl 35er mit 1170 Rating kommt!- Es geht einfach nur ums Rating in diesem System, es sollte mehr um das lvl gehen!(ist meine Meinung dazu)
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I was in a battle and my friend’s helephant was HUGE and the other guy in the battle, his wraith was HUGE so I decided to film it as SOON as possible
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Read about the wizard101 hack and wizard101 bug here.

After quite a few runs of Fellspawn, some friends and I came up with an 8 round strat to defeat Fellspawn and after some further thought we were able to cut it down to only 5 rounds, hope you guys enjoy the video and here is the script if you want a recap!

Round 1 the 1st 3 people wanna feint, doesn’t matter which kind of feint, but our goal by the 3rd round is to have 3 potents, 3 regular feints on the boss after that the balance hitter wants to use Empower, because he’s going to need pips

Round 2, we follow up with feints again, the fire hitter will either feint or use mass fire trap from the vang/dragoon helmet, whichever one he doesn’t do, he does next round, so if he feints round 2, mass fire trap round 3 and vice versa, then your balance wants to pop frenzy.

Round 3 assuming everything is going perfectly up to this point, one of your supports will use mass feint and have the other support use spirit trap, potent or tc work the best. The fire will use the other trap he didn’t use the round prior and the balance will then use Chimera, your goal is to have each head of the Chimera do 10k damage, but as you’ll see in our run, each head didn’t do 10k, but we were able to finish still.

Round 4, for this round one of your supports should use TC donate power, you can buy them at the bazaar, the reason you want the TC is because it gives 3 pips as opposed to the regular spell giving 2, the 2nd support will spirit blade the balance, 2nd hitter can blade themselves, and main hitter balance will blade themselves as well, not spirit blade though, need to conserve pips.

Round 5: I was balance so here I would use sharpened bladestorm so both of my hitters can get a buff, other support uses another spirit blade, in our case she was using dragoon boots so one was regular sharpened and the other was boot sharpened, the Fire will raging bull and the balance Chimeras again.

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Wizard101-mes maison avec mes bug-
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Wizard101 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE!