Wizard101 The Update: The Bugs, the Glitches, The Errors, Oh MY!!

wizard101 bug

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wizard101 bug

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Ever since the Update, and usually, every update, there are a bunch of odd bugs that creep in, rearing their ugly heads at the oddest times. Sometimes, rarely, they give an advantage or exploit, and make life easier. Usually they add some kind of hitch, or roadblock that makes life in game hell. There are some of the bugs that have come to us this time, and ought to be watched out for.
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Glowbug Squall (Storm)

Fire from Above (Fire)

Hungry Caterpillar (Life)

Abominable Weaver (Ice)

Call of Khrulhu (Death)

Mystic Colossus (Myth)

Gaze of Fate (Balance)

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i can’t leave and decline match
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Wizard101 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE!