Wizard101: 💀 QUAD DEATH 4V4 TOURNEY!! 💀 EASILY The Best Spell To Use From Second..

wizard101 gameplay

Wizard101 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE!

wizard101 gameplay

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Wizard101 Gameplay

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Mystic is actually NUTS! Unless you always aegis your shields or make sure that you have two different shields up, mystic colossus does an amazing job of providing utility and doing significant damage. It does require a shadow pip but it does about 100 more damage than orthrus used to do and for 2 pips less!

Myth is such a fun school to play in general but especially now at visionary in Wizard101. You have so many cards that provide utility like shield breaking, giving you a shield, summoning a minion, etc. that allows myth to be the most versatile school in the game. You can switch up your strategy and plan of attack at any point in the game depending on what your opponent does which not a lot of schools can do. It’s a BLAST to play and I love doing ranked PvP on this character when I don’t go up against people that immune snipe or set for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed these visionary myth ranked PvP matches!

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Wizard101 Online Hack - CLICK To CONTINUE!